"People join organisations and leave organisations because they don't like their boss. What are you doing to manage the behaviour of the boss?"

Speaker Series

Our speakers always get rave reviews.  Basically they’ve got it – that ability to grab an audience, to make it ‘for’ everyone, to inspire everyone to do something different. They are remembered, affectionately. Their words are echoed in the heads and in the corridors and out of the mouths of past delegates. Their words have affected thousands of people’s lives. Our speakers are those who have ‘been there and done it’, are leading authors and are quiet heroes and heroines.

Here is a taster of some of our speakers on our speaker series:

Admiral The Lord West

The man if you want to motivate your delegates to rise to the challenge of being a leader of people; someone who generates willing followers.

His stories and messages hit home, linger in the psyche and have inspired many to ‘change the way I lead’.

Dr Robert Holden

Soft, quietly spoken, understated – yet people hear, remember, use the wisdom Robert conjures up.

Robert’s words go deep and often become the motto of the programme for some.   If you need people to stop running around being busy and to get in touch with what matters, to access their wisdom – Robert is the man.

Avril Carson

Avril is adored by everyone in the audience – because she helps them.  She understands their fears about their impact and translates her years of experience as a Shakesperian actress and newsreader to give practical, useful, clear steps on how to transform their presentations and informal impact.

Patsy Rodenburg

Patsy has trained over 40 Academy Award Winners.  Dame Judi Dench, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman….What can I say?  She is The Master of her art.    And her art is in helping you find your voice, to project, to stand your ground and through your presence become truly charismatic.

General Sir Graeme Lamb

Advisor to the President of America, to the Prime Minister of England, former Head of the Special Forces, General Sir Graeme Lamb is a man who understands influence, strategy, execution, leadership. He teaches in that tricky space between the grand vision and the swift seizing of opportunities in line with that vision, by someone half way round the planet.

He understands how to generate morale and commitment – like no other.

Jon Deverell

Richard Brimblecombe

Neil Mullarkey

Are you scared your session or programme might be a bit flat? Then you really ought to use Jon, Richard or Neil. There are ‘role players’ who are out of work, wannabe actors and there are people in their class. Trained by the best, working with the best, on the best TV shows and giving their best…. They can bring to life any learning point to do with people interaction; they can add zest and humour to the links made between speakers; they make rehearsals of sales pitches, customer interaction, coaching, influencing – very real! This trio also are proper coaches – they give feedback brilliantly and they coach the person with whom they role play.

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