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Global Leadership Development Programmes

In our leadership training we go deep. It is led by psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, counsellors, artists and military Commanders and business leaders.

The mix is deliberate.

It focuses on how leaders can inspire and developing their people to realise more of their creativity and performance potential. It works alongside the business aims to create a real leadership ethos.

Our sister business, www.maximy.life offers online development programmes supported by telephone coaching – giving maximum scaleability and accessibility.


Deborah works at the top end of the supplier range. Her work is based on both practical and academic foundations. She keeps up to date in her areas of expertise. Deborah worked with myself as client throughout a major leadership coaching programme. She worked through a group of well-regarded professionals and was able to field a team who had established client-based practices of their own. Programme reviews were regular and always attended to personally. Issues that arose were noted and dealt with promptly. Deborah is business like and efficient. She listens closely and responds to requests promptly, following discussion during which she will put forward her professional point of view. As a client, one can have a meaningful dialogue and access to a useful opinion. In matters within her field, Deborah has a well-informed opinion (backed by experience, training and research) and is always worth listening to. When arranging learning events, Deborah takes a careful brief and resources to that. Operating at the upper end of the market, both in terms of designing and staffing high-level programmes, and organising venues and support, Deborah is likely to exceed expectations and provide a high degree of personal attention. Deborah works hard in both providing a service and in enhancing relationships with her clients. Her working style allows this degree of interaction and attention. She has good meeting facilities where inspiration and creativity are freely available. She brings energy and humour to what is usually a lively interchange of ideas.

Dudley Clarke, Head of Management Learning and Development, BAE Systems

They have worked closely with some of our Board Members to analyse their personal skills development and the team add creative flair to any project they tackle and are true professionals in their field.

The senior management team at T.G.I. Friday's

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