Executive Coaches

Could you do with someone to talk with?

Someone who would hold in confidence what you say and be able to move you forward in your thinking? Our coaches are qualified, experienced professionals.

Vision. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Now, it might not be that the answer to the last question is doable but it will, alongside a dozen other questions and a few exercises, say quite a lot about what would satisfy you. We will work with you to tease out what is doable and put it into a workable frame.

Your mission

Knowing how to work a plan that is ambitious and realistic, knowing how to get back on track after you have been knocked off, knowing how to stay motivated is something our Chartered Psychologists and Master NLP Practitioners  and Master Coaches can help you with. Knowing of course is one thing, doing it is another. So we will contract with you to ‘stay close’- offering you the balance of challenge and support, reminding, cajoling, coaching until you achieve what you want.

We were in coaching right at the beginning, with Graham Alexander leading our team. Now we have what we think is the world’s largest collection of professional, accredited coaches – accredited by the governing bodies around the world (not a parochial accreditation).

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Working with Deborah is inspirational - she fizzes with enthusiasm and creativity. She has penetrating insight and if it is real change you are after she won't let you off the hook.

Steve Wood, Client Managing Director - Aviva plc. IBM

I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching time with Deborah. Deborah has really helped me to clearly see possibilities for my own leadership development and my personal growth and has guided me through the discipline of beginning to realise that potential. Our working sessions are empathetic and edgy in equal measure. I feel she really has a good understanding of my working environment and expectations, and is consequently able to coach me in a very specific and concrete way as opposed to the generically academic approach that could have been applied

Sharon Keith, Baileys Global Brand Director

I cannot overestimate the positive effect Deborah has had, both as a personal and professional level. She has helped me make the most of my strengths and better understand my weaknesses. The impact has been profound and proven invaluable. I have learnt an incredible amount in a very short period time and hope this is but the start of a long and productive relationship.

Garbhan O'Bric: Head Of Marketing Communications Diageo Ireland

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