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Coach Training

Our Accredited Senior Leader Coach and Mentor Training has been a phenomenal success – with L&D Heads, with Senior Leaders and with existing accredited coaches.  It was designed by a team of Chartered Psychologists, Master Coaches and Psychotherapists – designed to be the best in the world.  It’s key elements include:

  1. The widest multi-discipline theoretical underpinning – we just don’t use one or two professions or disciplines we teach: mindfulness cognitive therapeutic skills,  Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), psychodynamic tools, CBT, Mind Calm, Gestalt, Somatics, Existentialism, NLP, Clean Language and Positive Psychology.
  2. The most highly qualified, experienced and highest caliber of facilitators:  Chartered Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapists, Master NLP Trainers, PCC and MCC (Professional and Master) Coaches.
  3. We go beyond the required:  we ensure that the theory is understood, the academic research embraced, evidence-based practices used – and, unlike others, have six hours of assessed role plays with professional actors as well as ‘real’ coaching assessed.
  4. We support all our delegates to the level they wish to go – with unprecedented and unparalleled personalized support that includes a personalized reading list, personalized book synopses/papers/conference notes, 121 with tutors.
  5. Editing and mentoring of your applications to become personally accredited.
  6. It is VERY flexible:  all face to face, all online with virtual classrooms, blended; in multiple languages; an academic route all the way (best for external coaches) to Masters or short, accumulative two-day experiential workshops for busy leaders and HR.


Deborah is extremely perceptive and incisive. She listens well. She always listens to a problem, considers the implications in a measured way and then provides appropriate solutions. She is a very fast thinker and thinks out of the box. She is confident at the highest levels and can break down barriers within minutes. This is a great skill and Deborah is a natural. Her commitment to her clients is absolute and never in doubt. She is ethical and trustworthy. She is inspirational and in so many ways a great role model. She manages to attract a very fine team around her.

Finance & Systems Director, The Pelican Group

Deborah brings a dynamic enthusiasm to partnerships, pulling together diverse parties to realise mutual benefits for individuals, teams and businesses alike. Her energy and influencing skills combine to remarkable effect in leading and coaching individuals and teams through difficult transitions. It is always a pleasure to work with Deborah and her team and I am confident that they can help transform and inspire any team faced with difficult challenges to confront and deal with them positively and effectively.

Stephen R.D. McGregor, BEng, CEng, MRAeS Head of Programme - Typhoon, BAE Systems

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