C-Suite Assessment and AC’s

We develop teams.  We do NOT just use biographical interviews – their efficacy is poor in countless published journal articles, no matter what our competitors might tell you.  We use 360 data that includes friends and family plus collaborative discussions to identify strengths, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, beliefs, attitudes, bias, preferences, motivations, creativity and impact on others.   This process is MUCH more validated, and, accepted, than any four hour interview.    We will offer you informed, impartial and professional assessment and development of candidates or current employees by ensuring the process:

  • Matches the needs of your profiling, strategic skills gap and values.
  • Feels relevant and has face validity.
  • Assesses both ‘critical’ and ‘typical’ performances.
  • Goes deep – we examine past behaviour, needs and wants, drivers, values and beliefs. We have particular skills in psycholinguistics and body-language to get underneath superficial impressions.
  • Uses only the most appropriate psychometric. We are trained on every major psychometric so that we can offer you impartial advice.
  • Takes into account the difference of intent and impact – we use both e360 and telephone and face-to-face 360 feedback.
  • Gives something back to those being assessed so that they too think the effort worthwhile and talk well of your organisation.
  • Multiple trained assessors – people at the highest rank (all Chartered, all Master Coaches, all very experienced) using multiple methods; it is the only way.


I have worked with Deborah for several years and have found her to be fearless and passionate about delivering outstanding results. She is able to work to a customised brief, however challenging, and has an amazing network to draw on. As a coach, she works deeply and definitely goes the 'extra mile'. Her work is also underpinned by a solid theoretical grounding and she is constantly finding new ways to develop herself. If that makes her sound dull and worthy, she is anything but. Be prepared for a roller-coaster ride with someone who is bold, vibrant and creative - as well as being good fun to work with.

Krys Grudniewicz (Head of Talent)

Always utterly professional and she excites, challenges and provokes change. Very lively presenter who puts her message across with sincerity, warmth and humour.

Claire Selerie, Head of Training BBC

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