Our Ethos

Our Ethos, Style and Achievements

First and foremost, when we engage with a client, we care. We care about our clients’ performance, development and well-being.

Our ethos is to “walk our talk” on our values of C.A.R.E.

  • Creative – we dare to be different, edgy even, to get people engaged, motivated, inspired.
  • Authorities – we are thought leaders, have a wealth of experience, have academic rigour and are involved with professional associations so that you can make informed decisions
  • Results – we stay on the case until we reach the results you want
  • Enabling – feel more focused, confident & committed after working with us

This is a company that has style, is passionate and is potent. We go for gold – and recently have won CIPD national award for a culture change programme that significantly improved morale and engagement which was linked to leaps in sales. We won a global award for our culture-induction programme that was robustly evaluated and showed movement from 74% to 93% improvements on the balanced scorecard and a client’s internal Chairman’s Innovation Award for a culture change programme that achieved £11m improvements within its first six months.   We are linking with the world’s leading edge technology company to provide analytics and dashboards on our ROI.

Be prepared – we challenge clients to do things properly. It pays off, we create remarkable results and we have won awards for our clients. Suffice to say, we think Epitaph & Legacy – on every project. So don’t come to us if you want something basic, something cheap and cheerful, something that ‘will do’. But, do come to us if you want something that wakes people up, galvanises action and inspires excellence.

Most of the team are famous in their field and have authored many books on their specialism. If you are looking for thought leaders with serious experience, you are in the right company.


Deborah has high energy, high challenge and is great fun. She is daring. She is professionally very competent, challenging, and caring. She brings insight, experience and passion to deliver benefit in areas notoriously difficult to make change.

Liz Brown, PwC, Senior Partner

I am delighted to commend Deborah Tom to you without reservation. I have known of her work for a long time - about a decade now. I have worked intensely with her in professional (IMC), client (blue chip) and in both group and individual learning situations. In my view she is one of the most talented consultants of her generation with outstanding consulting intelligence and thinking skills, superior client relationship skills and the energy and imagination to make a genuinely original contribution to whatever she applies herself to.

Barry Curnow, Chairman, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, Visiting Professor of Management Consulting, City (Cass)

Deborah has an imaginative and well-informed approach to solving behavoural and performance issues within large Corporates. Her personal style and insight make her both fun and challenging to work with and she is a great sounding board for new ideas. Personally, and through her wide range of associates, she can provide bespoke solutions for clients that add value for both individuals and team - I'm a fan!

Jenny Cridland, Leadership and Resourcing Director, BAE Systems

Deborah is no ordinary mortal ; she is a human dynamo , quick , intelligent and endearingly wacky ! She makes psychology an understandable art rather than a science . She has a list of contacts to die for and the nerve to use it for her and her clients' benefit . The extraordinary thing is they do it very willingly ! Who else could interrupt the Government's Security Adviser at lunch to divert him at an hour's notice to meet a group of directors from KPMG ? I worked with Deborah as a senior adviser on KPMG's Director Programme , which she had put together. She organised a " high rev." format involving active and passive delegate participation with a group of up-and-coming entrepreneurs blended with extremely relevant and outstanding speakers from the top echelons of the services , business and psychology, many of them household names. The combination worked extremely well , providing excellent leadership behavioural patterns for our aspiring partners.

Roy Nicholson, Senior Partner, KPMG

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