“Where are you headed?”

About Us

Much of the world is in turmoil and conflict and many people are not trusting their leaders.   What the world NEEDS is great leadership and great followership.   We help leaders access their wisdom, find their voice, consistently and consciously use their strengths and behave in a way that is congruent with their values. Why? Because that is how you generate confidence, courage, commitment – to their own authenticity, to their ‘real’ engagement with others and contribute to their world.

We help followers come to the party with as much energy and commitment as leaders.

It is what has given our clients the energy to step-change business performance.

We have been in business over 30 years and now have the largest number of accredited coaches, psychologists, therapists around the world (over 500 in 66 countries speaking 49 languages).    Our coaches are accredited with AC, EMCC and ICF and APECS.    We follow the AC code of ethics as stated on their website http://www.associationforcoaching.com/pages/about/code-ethics-good-practice  and the ICF ethics as on their website http://coachfederation.org/about/ethics.aspx?ItemNumber=854.   Our psychologists go by their own country professional code of ethics.

We run accredited (AC) Coach Training courses for those wanting to be professional coaches –  accredited at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels and, soon to be, a Masters In Coaching.

We also run a series of 2-day Leader-As-Coach workshops for HR and for Leaders – run by former senior leaders with Advanced Diplomas and by Master Coaches.


Deborah is so innovative and courageous, she put together a programme that our senior leaders have responded to extremely well. She has an incredible network and pulled together an extraordinary team of world-class speakers and coaches. She set our goals high and even exceeds our expectations. The programme we worked on has won the Global Award for Leadership Development.

Head of Learning, KPMG EMEA

They are wildly enthusiastic, have propelled us through a refreshing experience and have broadened our horizons. The experience has had knock on effects throughout the organisation, resulting in skilled and confident senior management.

Richard Retter, Training Manager, British Medical Association

Deborah brought real change to our organization at YO! With her deep understanding, she quickly understood identified the areas where we needed to focus - and brought it to our attention in a very energizing way. She met all the players and every one of them enjoyed it and found value out of the meetings. Her 'team intervention' was awesome, very powerful, and we turned a corner because of it. I would strongly recommend her to organisations that are looking to harness team strengths and build a strategy for success.

Jim Woods, CEO, Yo!

Far too many people spend more time making a list for the supermarket than what they want to achieve in their own lives. Deborah Tom helps you to assess such important things as who you are, where you are and where you are going in life, something we should all do from time to time.

Paul McKenna

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